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The Ultimate Well-Being Destination for Spa & Fitness

November 8, 2017

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Is there more to Lavender than just its pretty exterior?

October 9, 2017


When we get headaches, pain, and even anxiety, we immediately think of taking care of these issues with prescription drugs. Migraines? "Okay, let me get Excedrin." Pain? "Sounds like Tylenol will do the job!"


It seems like it's not a big deal health wise, but you probably don't think of these things unless it happens continuously. Continuously I say?  We're talking at least twice a week continuously. Talk about massive liver damage!


I can really relate to this because my husband gets chronic migraines & you really have to do miracles to make it better. I don't like him taking so much medication so coming up with an alternative is a must. 


Being in the spa world, I am always surrounded by essential oils. Essential Oils are wonderful Natural alternatives that anyone can take advantage of! My all time favorite is Lavender. Lavender is a herb native to Northern Africa and the mountainous regions of the Mediterranean. I take Lavender with me wherever I go & even use it for my family.


Here are the top ten uses for Lavender:






Upset Stomach






Minor Burns



When my husband begins getting those pesty migraines, I immediately whip out my Lavender essential oil and make him inhale deeply about three to four times. This is his secret so far to end those pesty migraines.


I recommend NOW essential oil brand, not only because this essential oil is at the best grade possible, but also because you can literally find this anywhere you go! I have provided a link right below of the essential oil available in Amazon.







I would love to hear everyone's experience with Lavender or if it's your first time trying it, how it went for you!










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